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My Story

Welcome! My name is Emma, the owner of Orcas Lucille. I live in Washington state with my husband, two boys, and a baby girl!

Before my first son was born, I was already excited about dressing him. There was something about dressing my own little baby that really appealed to me. It was a sort of creative outlet from all the seemingly mundane tasks of caring for a baby, because let's be real, no one gets excited at the thought of changing diapers.

Fast-forward to me being at home with my new baby boy, I joined the world of Instagram and discovered all these neat shops. I loved that in a world where children are thought of last in the fashion department, there was a small world of moms (and dads) out there who also had the same appreciation for children's fashion. I felt that the big box retailers paid little attention to the style and fit of children's clothing. And it inspired me to create something myself, something I thought was lacking in the market. I wanted to produce apparel for children with a focus on simple styling and fit. 

After one year of learning and product development, I launched my first collection in August of 2017. This is just a small beginning, but I hope you enjoy these pieces I've designed. 

Thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart for reading my story and supporting the brand. Your support has allowed me to realize my dream of being near my children, building a business, and contributing to my family and to the community. This would not be possible without each and every customer here today.




Who is Orcas Lucille?

The short answer is no one...at least not to my knowledge.

The long answer: Orcas and Lucille are two parallel streets our first home sat between. There is a certain significance to our first home because that was where my husband and I lived when we first got married. It was where we were inspired to create a business. And it was also where we had our first son. A lot of memories were made in that home. And so what better way to name my first company than the locale of that amazing, memorable place.


Giving Pledge

We strongly believe in giving. We believe when the Lord blesses and provides for a person, it is not only for that person's own benefit but for that person to benefit others as well. That is why we are committed to giving away a portion of our earnings to charities we support. We hope to expand this program in the future as we grow. If you have made a purchase, thank you for being a part of this giving pledge.



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